The Orbis Support Promise
Orbis support promise to operate by the principles outlined below. These principles form the foundation that we are built upon, they will never be compromised and will always be followed without exception.

    Every person supported will be :

  • Involved in every aspect of their support
  • Respected and valued
  • Supported to establish and maintain positive relationships
  • Supported to have a happy and fulfilled life

    Orbis support will always :

  • Be transparent
  • Person centred in their approach
  • Be innovative and imaginative in their approach to support
  • Ensure all employees are respected and valued in their role
  • Ensure all employees are supported to do their role to the best of their abilities
  • Never be restrictive in delivery of support (unless legal stipulations dictate otherwise)
  • Make business decisions which benefit those we support, employees and stakeholders.